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IFA NEXGEN has launched “Fund Forward,” a podcast series dedicated to the evolving world of factoring. Designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the factoring industry, the podcast is an engaging series for learning, sharing, and discovering the myriad opportunities within the dynamic field of invoice factoring.

Co-hosted by current NEXGEN Committee members, Trishaala Ninan and Chad Eberly, Fund Forward supports the IFA’s mission to attract, engage, and develop the next wave of professionals in the industry. Leveraging their experience in the factoring industry, Ninan and Eberly navigate listeners through the complexities and nuances of both factoring and finance in today’s market. Designed to be an interactive and informative forum, the podcast is set to feature guest speakers from the IFA community and beyond over the course of its inaugural season, who will share their diverse experiences and perspectives on various industry-related topics.

The first season promises a range of engaging discussions, from the basics of factoring to a comprehensive exploration of its processes including day-to-day operations, underwriting, cash management, and risk mitigation. 

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