IFA Code of Ethics

The International Factoring Association (IFA) is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence. The standards contained in this Code of Ethics (Code) are statements of ethical principles by which the professional conduct and obligations of all IFA members shall be guided.

Members shall maintain and further their knowledge of the profession in which they practice and shall maintain the utmost standard of professional judgment and conduct. Members shall conduct themselves and their practice honestly and impartially, serving IFA, other members, and their clients with integrity and due care.

This Code is not intended to define the Standard of Care a member or registrant is required to meet from a legal perspective and shall not be used as a reference or part of a civil legal action against a member.

This Code signifies voluntary recognition by members of the IFA of the responsibilities and obligations of professional self-regulation above and beyond the express requirements of the law. IFA members are required to adhere to the Code and commitment to the Code is a condition of membership in the IFA. Clear, material, and ongoing violations of the Code by an IFA member may serve as a basis for disciplinary action by the IFA against the member, including but not limited to censure, probation, suspension, and revocation of membership.

In recognition of their obligation to the public and the profession, IFA members commit themselves to the following Code:

  1. Members will aspire to the highest level of professional ethics, as generally expected by the business community.
  2. Members will aspire to the highest level of industry competence through continued education, and by sharing ideas and experiences with other IFA members.
  3. Members shall be honest and thorough in all business dealings, including dealings with clients, client’s customers, lenders, and others in our industry.
  4. Members shall utilize and maintain accurate accounting systems to track each client’s transactions.
  5. Members shall treat all client information as confidential. This information shall not be disclosed to any person or entity, other than at the client's direction or by court order. 
  6. Members shall assist one another in all industry aspects, including but not limited to facilitating a move from one factor to another should a client desire to make a change in factor. Members shall not use or take advantage of information which may have been obtained in the process, including the use of confidential or proprietary information.
  7. Members shall abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
  8. No member shall engage in any activity that could cause harm to the association.
  9. Members shall treat all persons fairly and equally, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age or national origin.
  10. Members shall not engage in any deceptive, misleading, or false marketing or advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that all agreements entered into with prospects and/or clients are clear, transparent, and not misleading and do not otherwise violate any provision of this Code of Ethics.
  11. Members shall strive to promote the International Factoring Association and its goals and objectives, as well as the commercial finance industry as a whole, through educational venues, public relations opportunities, and member advertising media.
  12. Members shall communicate non-confidential information relating another member's violation of this Code of Ethics to the IFA Advisory Board. In the event of such a violation, the member will be required to change their behavior.
  13. Members are required to pay IFA invoices when due.  Refusal to pay will result in membership termination.

Multiple complaints about the same Code of Ethics violation will be brought to the IFA board and a probationary period shall be determined. The IFA reserves the right to revoke membership based on Code of Ethics violations and any prorated membership dues will be refunded.

Please be advised that the IFA does not mediate contract disputes or engage in any legal matters.

If you feel that an IFA member has violated a section of the code of ethics, please fill out and return the following form to the IFA. IFA Member Complaint Form


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