IFA NEXGEN is an inclusive and engaging group designed specifically for young professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the commercial finance industry. It is a vibrant and dynamic community that brings together the brightest and most ambitious minds at the early stages of their careers. Comprising talented individuals from diverse industries and backgrounds, this group is a thriving ecosystem of innovation, collaboration, and professional growth. Whether through mentorship programs, educational sessions, or networking events, the group ensures that its members have the resources and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of early-career stages. This community-driven approach not only accelerates individual growth, but also cultivates a sense of camaraderie among peers who are navigating similar professional journeys. This group is not just a collection of individuals; it is a collective force shaping the future of leadership and influence.

NEXGEN Committee

The NEXGEN Committee’s mission is to support the IFA’s commitment to attract, develop, engage, and retain the next generation of talent. Established to address the evolving needs of younger professionals within the factoring world, the committee focuses on creating valuable resources, networking opportunities, and engaging programs.‚Äč
View Committee Members HERE.

NEXGEN Initiatives

Fund Forward Podcast 

IFA NEXGEN has launched “Fund Forward,” a podcast series dedicated to the evolving world of factoring. Designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the factoring industry, the podcast is an engaging series for learning, sharing, and discovering the myriad opportunities within the dynamic field of invoice factoring.

To learn more, visit the NEXGEN Podcast site HERE.

NEXGEN Leadership Summit

The inaugural IFA NEXGEN Summit will take place October 7-9, 2024, in Austin, TX. This event will bring together the brightest young professionals in the factoring industry. Over the course of this summit, attendees will gain crucial industry knowledge, insights into the current state of the market, and leadership skills to help take their careers to the next level. Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the ins-and-outs of the entire factoring process and how different functions work together.

Guest speakers and leadership workshops will highlight the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of factoring. Experts will share cutting-edge analysis about where the market is headed to help attendees strategically position themselves for long-term success. 

Networking with peers promises to provide an invaluable opportunity to make connections across international borders and a wide array of roles. Attendees will help to build a community among the next generation of factoring talent, fostering idea sharing and collaboration that will help to build the foundation of our industry’s future.
Learn more about the IFA NEXGEN Leadership Summit, including details on registration, guest speakers, and dates HERE.


The NEXGEN Awards is a forward-facing program designed to recognize and honor outstanding new talents in the industry. These awards celebrate those who are new to the industry, up-and-coming rising stars, and those who would identify as young professionals. The IFA NEXGEN Awards serve to help open the doors to a broad spectrum of talented individuals who are making significant impacts in their companies and in the factoring industry.
For more information, and to view 2024 award winners, click HERE.

IFA Annual Conference - May 2024

The NEXGEN committee is proud to host a reception on the opening night of the IFA Annual Conference, followed by an engaging roundtable discussion on the second day of the conference. Attendees will have exclusive access to mentorship opportunities, career advancement workshops, and insider knowledge on navigating the evolving landscape of factoring and accounts receivable financing.

Learn more about what’s in store at the IFA Annual Factoring Conference HERE


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