The NEXGEN Awards is a forward-facing program designed to recognize and honor outstanding new talents in the industry. These awards celebrate those who are new to the industry, up-and-coming rising stars, and those who would identify as young professionals. The IFA NEXGEN Awards serve to help open the doors to a broad spectrum of talented individuals who are making significant impacts in their companies and in the factoring industry.
With a diverse range of categories, the IFA NEXGEN Awards will recognize individuals who have contributed to the factoring industry over the past year in the following ways:
  • NEXGEN Rookie: a newcomer who has made a significant impact in the factoring community or their organization in a relatively short amount of time and demonstrates exceptional talent, ambition, and potential for continued success and leadership.
  • NEXGEN Innovator: an individual whose creativity and innovation has helped develop new strategies, technologies, or processes that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, or profitability.
  • NEXGEN Leader: an individual who exemplifies extraordinary leadership skills, through inspiring, envisioning, and transforming others to accomplish aligned goals.
  • NEXGEN Rainmaker: an individual who has demonstrated exceptional skills in negotiating, structuring, and closing deals, playing a key role in significant transactions benefiting their organization or clients.
To nominate a candidate, the following information is required to be submitted no later than 2/16/24.
  • Candidates must be an employee of an IFA Member or Ally Member company
  • A completed Nomination Form including:
    • A nomination letter of no more than 500 words, tailored to the specific award category, which outlines the nominee's achievements, qualifications, production levels, and milestones, highlighting why the nominee is particularly deserving of the selected award.
    • The nominee's resume AND/OR a link to their LinkedIn profile.
The IFA NEXGEN committee will be overseeing the requirements, submissions, and deadlines for these awards, ensuring a fair and transparent process. The recipients of the first inaugural IFA NEXGEN Awards will be honored at the IFA Annual Conference, where their achievements will be celebrated in front of industry peers and leaders. Award winners will receive a complimentary admission to the IFA NEXGEN Summit and will also receive social media recognition, including a press release in the IFA's Newsletter and Commercial Factor E-Mag.
To nominate someone for one of these awards, please fill out the form HERE. All submissions must be received by 2/16/24.


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