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Who We Are

Our mission is to support the IFA’s commitment to attract, develop, engage, and retain the next generation of factoring talent.

Established to address the evolving needs of younger professionals within the factoring world, the NEXGEN committee focuses on creating valuable resources, networking opportunities, and engaging programing. We aim to promote industry knowledge, insights into the state of the markets we serve, and develop leadership skills that help take careers to the next level.

Through a variety of events, both formal and informal, we provide opportunities for new industry members to exchange ideas and build lasting relationships with peers and mentors alike.
By engaging with the NEXGEN Committee, community members gain access to a wealth of resources and become part of an international network of colleagues, all dedicated to the advancement of the factoring profession.

Committee Members

Loren Shifrin (Founder & CEO at REV Capital - Woodbridge, ON)
Loren Shifrin is the Founder and CEO of REV Capital (formerly Revolution Capital). He is a highly ambitious young entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience building brands and growing portfolios in the factoring industry. Having held an executive role for over a decade, Loren has developed an extensive set of skills and experiences that allow him to keep up with his ambition. As chair of the NEXGEN committee, Loren will play a pivotal role in attracting, retaining, and engaging the future of the factoring industry.

Trishaala Ninan (Director of Marketing at REV Capital – Woodbridge, ON)
Trishaala Ninan specializes in strategic planning to rapidly grow B2B companies with over a decade of marketing and corporate communications experience across several sectors including Real Estate, Retail, and Finance. Trishaala’s expertise in the marketing industry and her ability to adapt effectively and efficiently has proven to be a huge asset to REV Capital and the factoring industry. As Co-Chair of the NEXGEN committee and through her industry involvement, Trishaala seeks to continue involving young talents and women within the factoring space.
Russell Dygert (Principle and Investment Expert at DM Capital Group LLC – Melba, ID)
Russell Dygert has enjoyed a career in the transportation, logistics, and finance industries spanning over a decade. He has developed a broad array of expertise in the origination and management of receivables factoring. Russell’s strategic management of deal flow and analysis of investment opportunities makes him a valuable member of the NEXGEN committee.
Chad Eberly (General Manager and Co-founder of Encore Funding – Cleveland, OH)
Chad Eberly has spent over a decade overseeing business operations and is a big proponent of leveraging factoring programs to free up working capital for entrepreneurs. Prior to Encore, he served as the Manager of Risk Assurance at PwC, auditing and advising clients on business process and IT controls. His creative and solution-oriented approach to factoring has helped to establish true partnerships throughout his network. As a member of the NEXGEN committee, Chad is perfectly positioned to help educate the next generation of professionals on the factoring industry.
Paige Runyard (Credit Manager – Accounts Receivable Financing at First Business Bank – Madison, WI)
Paige Runyard began her career at First Business Bank nine years ago as an auditor within the asset-based lending group. Seven years into her role, she made the switch to factoring, taking on the role of Credit Officer. In her short time, she has successfully helped underwrite and onboard an acquisition of over 70 clients and helped managing the portfolio totaling over $50MM NFE. As part of the NEXGEN committee, Paige hopes to continue meeting and learning from others in the industry.
Johnny Bond (CEO at FactorCloud and Brightbolt – Atlanta, GA)
Johnny Bond has spent his career advising leaders on how to strategize, grow, scale, and advance their businesses, first as an investment banker and now as a technology provider. He is the CEO of FactorCloud, a factoring management system, and Brightbolt, an AI-powered document comprehension and data extraction fintech. Johnny previously worked as an investment banker for KBW, Banks Street Partners, and JP Morgan in the financial institution groups. Johnny’s technical background, including his extensive knowledge of machine learning technologies, has contributed immensely to the NEXGEN committee’s goals and accomplishments.
Carson Harmonson (Portfolio Analyst at Dare Capital – Austin, TX)
Carson Harmonson is a recent and promising graduate of St. Edwards University with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Before joining Dare Capital as a Portfolio Analyst, Carson helped grow a local water sports venue from one thousand customers per season to ten thousand customers in a single summer. Since then, Carson has become passionate in helping entrepreneurs surpass their goals with asset-based lending and factoring solutions. As a member of the NEXGEN committee, Carson hopes to help in the pursuit of NEXGEN’s goal to build partnerships within the factoring industry.

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