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IFA Membership Plaque

 IFA Membership Plaque

Item Number: Plaque
Shipping Weight: 0lbs. 0oz.
Price: $60.00
Available for IFA Members only

Proudly display your IFA Member in Good Standing designation with a perpetual plaque that provides a history of your membership status.

Each plaque comes with a header displaying the IFA logo and Member in Good Standing title, along with engraved date plates displaying your membership years. Each year you will receive a new plate with the current year to attach to your plaque.

Show the world you are a proficient and trusted member of the Factoring Industry!

Plates for each year of membership will be included. Future annual membership plates will be mailed to you for no additional fee with your membership renewal.

U.S. Domestic shipping is included in the price. Please call for International shipping rates.