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02019 Factoring Industry Survey Report

 02019 Factoring Industry Survey Report
2019 Factoring Industry Survey Report

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This is the seventh survey to report on the Factoring Industry, spanning 13 years of data. With 176 respondents from various factors around the world, this report represents a comprehensive analysis of the factoring industry. Various aspects of a Factor's operation were evaluated, including:
•Company Profiles
•Client Details
•Operating Metrics
•Business Development Practices
•Bad Debts & Credit Reviews
•Human Resources / Employee Benefits
•Information Technology

To assist in spotting trends or patterns, the above categories were further examined by group respondents into the following subsets:
•All Responding Factors
•Gross Revenue
•Average Deal Size
•Net Profit Margin
•Geographic Region

The survey was conducted by Industry Insights, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in operating surveys.

New this year:
Industry Insights developed and now hosts an interactive, Searchable Results application that allows users to generate results using the criteria they select. Users will be able to multi-filter the results to create customized aggregates (e.g. a filter can be created of all Factors with Over $10 Million in Gross Revenue in the Western Region of the U.S.). All custom results are seamlessly exported to excel or PDF, given minimum samples sizes are achieved. An email link to the searchable results will be sent after purchase of the report.

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