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Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide

 Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide
Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide
Author: Robert McMahon
Pages 205

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Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide, is a comprehensive introductory training manual for today's home-based entrepreneurs and "mobile creatives" focused on a professional career as a freelance Commercial Finance Consultant (Factoring Broker). The Factoring 101 Guide is the cornerstone of IACFB's (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) broker training program and offers an in-depth look at the industry, the opportunity, and more. This guide, along with it's online support materials, is the only catalyst new industry entrants need to begin earning the residual, life-of-account commission income the factoring industry has made famous. Included with the purchase of the guide is a complimentary 1 year membership at IACFB, with access to IACFB's Online Learning Lab for continuing education, and also access to the article archive of IACFB's Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.

Buyers will additionally have access to the IACFB's Professional Member's Annex, with it's suite of downloadable marketing aids such as brochures, flyers, postcards, classified ads, cold call scripts etc.
This training guide, and associated back-end content included with purchase, will be all you will require to enter this exciting industry successfully and in the "Right Way".

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