The Factoring Guide to Account Management

 The Factoring Guide to Account Management
The Factoring Guide to Account Management is a practical guide detailing the best practices in the factoring industry for Account Executives. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of an Account Executive and offers a comprehensive framework of suggested guidelines. The guide shows different elements that can be used to gain a clearer understanding of the Factoring process and the role the Account Executive plays within that relationship.

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The guide covers the following topics:
• Factoring Terminology
• Types of Factoring
• Complementary Products
• New Deal Flow Process
• Portfolio Management
• Fee Structures
• Collateral Value
• Collections
• Accounts Receivable Monitoring
• UCC Fillings and Tax Payments
• Collection
• Reserve Management
• Niche Factoring
• Deterioration and Ending of the Factoring Relationship
• Red Flags
• Fraud
• Defaults
• Ending the Client Relationship

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