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World Factoring Yearbook 2021

 World Factoring Yearbook 2021
Now in its 25th year, the World Factoring Yearbook 2021 is reaching further into the global factoring marketing than ever before, with in-depth analyses into the European, Asian, American and African markets.
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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has become one of the most challenging for the global invoice finance sector since the year 1996, when the book was first published. The market demonstrated a number of key developments, some of which were very different from before:

• 2020 factoring volume of €2,724 bn is a decline of approx. 6.6%
• Markets suppressed by governments’ financial support
• Significant variations between different Asian markets
• Sharp decreases in factoring volume in the Americas
• Concerns about rising levels of non-performing loans
• Corporate debts masked by temporary government support measures

Despite these tendencies, market players from most of the 40 countries participating in the Yearbook have expressed cautious optimism for the remainder of 2021.

Michael Bickers, Editor of the World Factoring Yearbook said “Since March 2020 the global factoring industry has experienced a period of great uncertainty. But optimism now seems justified as we traverse through 2021, with some markets beginning to see significant increases in volume.”

Featuring factoring statistics, market reviews and company directories for 40 countries around the world, the World Factoring Yearbook 2021 is an essential point of reference for the receivables finance industry.

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Published by: BCR, in association with FCI
Edited by: Michael Bickers
Introduction by: Peter Mulroy

Price: Hard Copy - £140, Digital Download - £120
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