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nLegal Strategies for FinTech Webinar - May 10, 2017

 nLegal Strategies for FinTech Webinar - May 10, 2017
Legal Strategies for FinTech Webinar
with Laurie Martin Montplaisir, Esq. - Robbins, Salomon & Patt, Ltd.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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The ever evolving Fintech industry continues to impact the factoring space. This one hour webinar is a follow up to the popular IFA Fintech training class from October 2016, addressing legal developments in the MCA industry as well as addressing questions and issues posed during and after the class. Focusing on methods you can implement in order to protect your collateral interest in existing clients and compete more effectively in the Fintech world, this webinar will cover the ongoing disruption for Factors, defensive strategies Factors can implement and provisions to include in legal documents.