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oExplaining Factoring to Judges and Juries Webinar - February 7, 2017

 oExplaining Factoring to Judges and Juries Webinar - February 7, 2017
Explaining Factoring to Judges and Juries Webinar -
What You Need in Your Factoring Agreement
with Daniel J. Cragg, Esq. – Partner with Eckland & Blando LLP
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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Most judges and jurors have no familiarity with factoring transactions, and the obscure legalese of most factoring agreements designed to protect the factor often does not help educate those decision makers on the risks and reality of being a factor that justify those protections. This one hour webinar will describe the challenges faced by factors in state and federal court when enforcing factoring agreements, UCC liens, and accounts receivable assignments, as well as defending against claims by clients who assert their factor wrongfully terminated a factoring agreement. Learn what you should have in your factoring agreement to optimize your chances of success in litigation.