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pFactoring, Accountants and Bookkeepers Webinar - January 18, 2017

 pFactoring, Accountants and Bookkeepers Webinar - January 18, 2017
Factoring, Accountants and Bookkeepers Webinar -
Why Can't the Factoring Industry Win Over Accountants?
with Andy North - AccountingWEB.com
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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CPAs and bookkeepers should be a hugely valuable source of referrals from small business. They're closely involved in the decision making process (as the 'trusted adviser') and they're probably closer to the numbers than the business owner. So why has it proved so difficult for the factoring sector to mobilize them? And is there a way to reverse the trend. This session examines the change that the accounting profession is experiencing and how aligning their goals with your services might give us a new language with which to communicate.

How the CPA's world has changed in the last decade;
Why the marketing approach of the finance industry has been less successful than hoped;
How the cloud accounting sector has worked to win referrals from accountants;
What lessons can be learned from that sector;
How could the factoring industry apply those lessons and what changes might need to be made to capitalize on them?