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qBack-Office Operations for Transportation Factors Webinar - August 10, 2016

 qBack-Office Operations for Transportation Factors Webinar - August 10, 2016
Webinar - Back-Office Operations for Transportation Factors – Efficiency, Accuracy and Automation
with Matt Bernstein - CEO, HubTran
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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Back-office operations can have an outsized impact on the profitability and growth of factoring companies. Transportation Factors, in particular, manage a high volume of relatively low value transactions. Processing those transactions efficiently and accurately can be a competitive advantage. Conversely, excess cost and errors can limit profitability and constrain growth.

The Back-Office Operations webinar reviews options for processing debtor invoices, document management, debtor billing and receivables management. Attendees will be able to benchmark their costs and productivity against industry averages, identify operational best practices, and learn about new technology and automation options.