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sProtecting Factors of Healthcare Receivables Webinar - May 18, 2016

 sProtecting Factors of Healthcare Receivables Webinar - May 18, 2016
Webinar - Protecting Factors of Healthcare Receivables
with Andrew E. Blustein, Esq. & Robert Del Giorno, Esq. – Garfunkel Wild, P.C.
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
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The health care industry is subject to complex laws, rules and regulations, many of which prohibit business practices that are generally accepted (and the norm) in other industries. In addition, federal and state governments, as well as commercial insurance companies, have invested millions of dollars to detect and combat health care fraud and abuse. As a result of the complex rules and significant enforcement activities, factoring of health care receivables presents significant risks to Factors and their investments to help ensure that the receivables are not subject to recoupment by the government and other payors. In addition, Factors need to take steps to help mitigate against accusations of having financed fraudulent conduct of a health care provider.