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tCollections Webinar - The Art of Getting Paid - January 12, 2016

 tCollections Webinar - The Art of Getting Paid - January 12, 2016
Collections Webinar for Finance Companies – The Art of Getting Paid – With Case Studies and Practical Collection Advice
with Brad R. Magill, Esq., The Collection Law Group, Inc.
Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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What are best practice internal collection efforts?
What motivates debtors not to pay?
What are specific collection issues in the factoring world?
How do notifications and verifications effect collections?
What are things you should have in your factoring agreements to make sure you are protected in the event collections are necessary?
When to consider using a third party to collect.
Should you sue a debtor if they do not pay?
What are some practical things factors can do to enhance collections?
What are factoring collection case study lessons you can implement?