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uMedical Factoring Webinar - October 21, 2015

 uMedical Factoring Webinar - October 21, 2015
Medical Factoring Webinar
with Fred Leder
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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This webinar is designed to point out the properties of a Medical Factoring transaction and how these finance facilities fit into the factoring framework. Many commercial factors, lenders and others in the industry very often begin to underwrite healthcare and healthcare related transactions only to find that the payor profile is not commensurate with their internal criteria, wasting time on transactions that have no chance of closing. Additionally, discussions regarding private patient information, federal and commercial rules for assignability of claims and specific factoring infrastructure will be addressed.

Lenders and factors can benefit from this presentation by being able to identify what would be considered “medical factoring” as opposed to medical or healthcare related transactions. Are payments coming from municipal agencies for developmental services considered medical factoring? Is the purchase of personal injury or workers compensation claims considered medical factoring? The answers to these questions will be clear following this presentation.