Finance and Accounting Manual for Factors

 Finance and Accounting Manual for Factors
This manual details the proper accounting methods for accounts receivable that are being factored. This manual includes a sample chart of accounts, different methodologies for tracking reserves, how to guide your clients on the proper accounting methods for booking factoring transactions. This extensive and comprehensive guide was authored by Claudia Montalbano and Kevin Biebel.

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This is the first-ever Instruction Manual for Factors covering the proper accounting policies and procedures for both Factors and Factoring Clients!
This factoring accounting guidebook walks you through every possible accounting entry related to the purchase, collection, and closing out of chargebacks and reserves of Factored Accounts Receivable. It includes a sample chart of accounts, different methodology for tracking reserves, how to guide your clients on proper accounting methods, and much more.
This factoring accounting handbook also discusses how the legalities of the Factoring Agreement affect generally accepted accounting principles.

About the authors:
Claudia Montabono: Claudia has been a part of the factoring industry for over 15 years. She began her career at Oxford Capital in 2001, which was purchased by CIB Bank which was then purchased by Bibby Financial Services. She served as Financial Controller at Bibby until June 2011 when she decided to open up her own firm dedicated to helping companies understand the interaction and variances of accounting as it interacts with factoring . Claudia graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Finance and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Accounting and Human Resource Management.

Kevin Biebel: Kevin Biebel earned a BS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, IL. Prior to spending six years as an accountant in the factoring industry, he worked for eleven years as an accountant for businesses involved in manufacturing, distribution, restaurant management and hospitality. In his spare time, Kevin volunteers as a youth football and basketball coach. He also serves as treasurer to one board dedicated to funding the sports program at his grammar school alma mater and as treasurer to a second board that operates the youth football league in which his team competes.

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