Starting a Factoring Company

Looking to start a Factoring company? Below is some helpful information on how to get started.

Starting & Running a Factoring Company Online Training Class

This overview webinar covers the basics on what to do and how to start your business. Some of the learning objectives are:

   • Getting started and finding business
   • Funding options
   • Importance of UCC Filings and legal documents
   • Licensing
   • Basic Factoring 101 guidelines
   • Resources to assist you

To purchase this webinar recording, click here.


DashPoint Publishing has a series of books that can guide you. "How to Run a Small Factoring Business" can be found in the IFA online store here.
Factor Help offers consulting services and manuals to assist you in getting started.  You can find out more at and their manuals, forms and spreadsheets are available to purchase here.

Find an Attorney

You will want to contact an attorney to assist with your business formation and factoring legal documents. You can find a list of IFA Preferred Attorneys here. An attorney can also assist you with any business or lender license you might need depending on what state you are located in.


The IFA offers a variety of training classes, webinars, meetings and conferences throughout the year. You can find our latest training classes listed here. You do not need to be an IFA member to attend any of the training classes, but all members get discounts on the events.

Some IFA training classes are available to download in the IFA online store. You can find those here.

You can also purchase and download previous IFA webinars here.

Ally Members

The IFA has Preferred Ally Members that can provide services for your company. Companies ranging from Software, Credit, UCC, Tax Compliance, Marketing and Collections can help you get started with your Factoring compnay. You can find the list of IFA Preferred Ally Members here.

Commercial Factor Magazine

The Commercial Factor Magazine can be a helpful resource with current and past articles relating to the Factoring industry. You can research past issues and articles here.


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Join the IFA

Once you get up and running, you will want to join the IFA. The IFA provides a number of services that can be of assistance. Our first year membership is $750 (plus a $100 application fee) and provides you with the following benefits:
2 Hours of Consulting Services
Free Access to IFA Webinars
Free Job Board Posting
Annual Factoring Conference Discounts 
Discounts on IFA Training Classes 
Free IFA Job Board postings 
• Discounts in the IFA Store 
Access to the IFA Discussion Groups and Community Site 
Use of the IFA logo for advertising, websites, etc. 
Ability to submit legal briefs to the Amicus Brief program 
• Access to FactorSearch 
Access to the IFA website and Membership List
Access to Health Insurance Benefits
The IFA also has mentors for our members that voluntarily work with new Factors to help them get started. They are a great resource and can answer some of the questions you have about getting started.

When you decide to join the IFA, you can fill out the application here.


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