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Factoring Description:
Factoring is the time honored and increasingly utilized financial tool that speeds businesses' cash flow. To do this, factors purchase your credit-worthy accounts receivable at a small discount and convert your invoices (sales) into immediate cash. Partnering with a factor can relieve the problem that slow paying customers can create.

Factoring is not a loan. There is no debt repayment, no compromise to your balance sheet, no long-term agreements or delays associated with other methods of raising capital. Factoring allows you to use your own hard earned assets to create cash for the growth needs of your company.

Why use the International Factoring Association?
Using the IFA to locate a factor is an easy, effective and confidential way to get information on your company sent to factors that are willing to finance your business. Based on a simple questionnaire, your information is sent to only those factors that are best suited to finance your type of company. You will only be contacted by registered IFA members. 

Code of Ethics:
The IFA has implemented a Code of Ethics for IFA members. This document outlines the IFA’s goals and objectives and establishes guidelines by which members should do business. View the IFA Code of Ethics.

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The International Factoring Association’s (IFA) core mission is to empower the Factoring community with cutting-edge resources, advanced training, substantial procurement advantages, and a centralized hub of knowledge and support.

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