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"Well done!!!  Excellent job by the entire committee.  Facility was amazing, food excellent and conference presentations outstanding."
Julie Ann Bittner, Tricom, Menomonee Falls, WI

"Great job!  I will be there in person next year-nothing like seeing everyone in one place! The economist was my favorite speaker this year!"
Lisa Hultz, Mazon Associates, Irving, TX 

"Overall, I enjoyed the conference and it was great to connect once again in person. The topics, organization, and location were great."
Eduardo Del Rio, AA Bankers, Miami, FL

"The conference was very well organized and I really enjoyed the venue. The sessions were insightful. Great networking events."
Jonathan Leopold, Single Point Capital, Humble, TX

"I think it was great - the ability to change locations and put on such a great event is much appreciated.
Heather, Terri and the rest of the team did an incredible job! Spectacular location! Keep up the great work! Hard to imagine that you can top this year's event, but you probably will."
Scott Burgene, FK Construction Funding, Jupiter, FL 

"The conference was in a great venue and had engaging sessions with nice receptions. Good food choices too!"
Lacey Aulbach, Triumph Business Capital, Coppell, TX 

"Extremely pleased with the turnout and location. It's lovely to see so many old faces plus getting the opportunity to meet so many new faces."
Beverly Milici, Sky Business Credit, Downers Grove, IL

"So wonderful to be out with everyone again. Great job! Very well put together as always."
Billie Rains, Commercial Finance Consultants, Rockwall, TX

"Another great year! Enjoyed every second!"
Jennifer Allen, Copperwood Capital, LLC, Corpus Christi, TX

"The IFA conference is my favorite of all industry related events. It's a great one-stop event to catch up with colleagues, make new contacts, and gain further insight regarding topics affecting our industry today and in the future. Thanks for everything"
Glen Shu, Bay View Funding, Santa Clara, CA

"Now that been to a dozen or so conferences, I am truly impressed by the quality of the IFA annual conference. As an exhibitor, you do an excellent job driving traffic and getting people to the booths. As an attendee, the subjects are relevant with excellent speakers. Great venue, great job all around. The event is invigorating. Thanks for all that you do."
James Clemons, Artis Trade Systems, Phoenix, AZ

"The IFA members and people associated with this industry share information, cooperate and have tremendously high energy. The IFA runs a great event which promotes communication within the industry. It seems to get better each year and I always learn something I didn't know even after 20-21 years."
Alan Eliasof, Prestige Capital Corp., Fort Lee, NJ

"Another success! Ya'll do an excellent job!"
Jason Medley, Esq., Spencer Fane, Houston, TX

"Beautiful location - attention to group needs. Wonderful details. Everybody was helpful and friendly."
Jill Berry, MDR Capital, LLC, Reno, NV

"The IFA Conference is a great opportunity for networking in the factoring industry. Even though it gets bigger every year, it retains the intimate feeling that promotes close relationships."
Jeffrey Alpert, Torkin Manes, Toronto, ON, CANADA

"Excellent conference and great location. Lots of new subjects for the breakout sessions."
Tony Neglia, Stonebridge Financial Services, Brentwood, TN

"Layout of conference space was great, a lot of room in general spaces. Sessions were helpful, organized and networking events and sponsored evening events were fun."
Amy Balciunas, ABC's of Factoring, Bloomington, MN

"Well run and organized conference! I found it was a well balanced of networking, information/education and fun. Speakers are all knowledgeable."
Ingrid Chen, Sallyport Commercial Finance, Sugar Land, TX

"Congratulations for 25 years of running the IFA and for putting on 25 great Factoring conferences!"
Robert Kort, The Hamilton Group, Westlake Village, CA

"Very good conference, interesting topics and important news for our industry."
Alberto Wyderka, FCI, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

"Great Venue. Great opener and Fri night party. Great everything!"
Jon Anselma, Paragon Financial Group, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Very successful. Thought the speakers/topics were very diverse, engaging and informative."
Abby Johnston, Diversified Business Resources, Escondido, CA

"Great conference, very well put together."
Deborah Segovia, Paragon Financial Group, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The main events and speakers were all professional and provided relevant information in consumable, entertaining, funny, and clear ways. Networking, food, receptions and entertainment options were all perfect. The attention to detail and options for attendees was world-class. Great conference!"
Nick Baguley, Cantilever.ai, Salt Lake City, UT

"Excellent conference as always."
Vince Mancuso, Next Edge Commercial Finance/ Next Edge Capital, Austin, TX

"Excellent conference - Only difficulty was choosing which event to attend"
Daniel da Silva Franca, COFACE, New York, NY

"What can I say other than another well run annual conference! Great venue, location, choice of topics and material. Thank you IFA."
Scott Nottis, Paragon Financial Group, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I really enjoyed this year's conference in terms of the location of the conference, the great opportunities for networking, and some pretty good sessions. I learned a lot and met new connections. What more could you ask for? "
Jeff Alexander, Resource Business Partners, San Jose, CA

"Overall, it was wonderful and worth my participation."
Lanre Bakare, Factoring & Supply Chain Finance Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos, NIGERIA

"Excellent location and hotel. I enjoyed the speakers and interactions with other attendees. See you next year!"
Weyman Price, K.W. Receivables, Houston, TX

"The conference had various interesting sessions. Great venue, nice vendor displays and well organized. The IFA staff does a wonderful job year after year. "
Diana Reynolds, Love's Solutions LLC, Oklahoma City, OK

"Connected well with the topics, learned a lot...well worth the trip."
Erik Trumpower, Capstone Banktech, Little Rock, AR

"The best part of the IFA Conference is the networking opportunities and meeting with industry friends and colleagues. Bert and the entire IFA staff do a wonderful job of organizing this conference. The IFA Conference is an event I look forward to coming to each year."
Erik Belk, Match Factors, Florence, SC

"Very good conference. 1st time attendee."
Kevin Martin, MP Star Financial, Cleveland, OH

"Great conference and great location as well."
Amanda Villarreal, Olathe, KS

"Excellent, informative, well organized"
Henry Richards, JRJ Group, London, UNITED KINGDOM

"Another successful conference - congratulations. It truly is a "do not miss" event for our business."
Martin Rees, Clearflow Commercial Finance Corp., Oakville, ON, CANADA

"Great conference - Great location."
Janet Godard, Aerofund, San Jose, CA

"Thank you for all your hard work. Excellent conference."
Andrew Suedbeck, Marquette Commercial Finance, Bloomington, MN

"I enjoyed it as always!"
Chip Wiley, JD Factors, LLC, West Chicago, IL

"This was my first IFA conference. I thought it was well structured and relevant to today's issues in factoring."
Steve Erb, Steelhead Finance, Medford, OR

"Great speakers overall with very interesting topics."
Anna Valdez, Nashville, TN

"Great focus on the change (and speed of it) required to keep relevant."
Glenn Petersen, ClearFlow Commercial Finance Corp., Oakville, ON, CANADA

"Outstanding conference!"
Neville Grusd, Merchant Factors Corp., New York, NY

"Lots of energy, great topics and people."
Preston Koerner, Esq. Koerner Legal, Salt Lake City, UT

"Very well organized, very good content, more and more promoting new products (SCF) and technological solutions."
Bogdan Rosu, Next Capital Finance, Bucharest, ROMANIA

"Another great conference!"
Lori Gustaf, FirstLine Funding Group, Madison, SD

"Fantastic conference as always! Well run, relevant topics and sessions and many take a ways."
Scott Coffey, Exchange Capital, Little Rock, AR

"Conference was very good. Networking extremely good. Great location."
Doug Gregory, Third Coast Commercial Capital, Humble, TX

"As always a fun and informative conference!"
Gail Winther, Tradewind Inc., New York, NY

"First conference and very impressed. I learned a ton and met a lot of good people."
Scott Burgener, Factor King, Happauge, NY

"Another great conference."
Steven Uster, FundThrough, Toronto, ON, CANADA

"Very fun. Love the Yo-Pro stuff."
Ben Van Zee, Commonwealth Capital, Bloomington, MN

"This was the first conference I've been to. I really enjoyed it and received a lot of valuable information."
Alesha Delgado, Express Freight Finance, Bountiful, UT

"Really good. Always a good tune up and awesome to meet new people."
Patrick Borody, Factors Western, Calgary, AB, CANADA

"Excellent as always!"
Skylar Lane, Goodman Capital Finance, Dallas, TX

"Great venue and wonderful connections. Thanks for doing such a great job with this event!"
Jeffrey Lizar, CapitalSource Business Finance, Campbell, CA

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