The New Abnormal: How Global Trends are Affecting Your Business

The New Abnormal: How Global Trends are Affecting Your Business
Thursday, May 11th 9:30 am — 10:30 am

Publisher of Forbes magazine, Rich Karlgaard writes a biweekly column known for its witty and honest assessment of current business issues. More than just a business journalist, Karlgaard as a private investor and board director understands firsthand the difficulties of navigating in today’s business climate and opportunities available to those who have the courage to reach out for them. Rich is also the author of Team Genius, which focuses on management strategy, and The Soft Edge. On stage he shares insights on relevant business strategies that help people to see the global marketplace with new eyes and what it means for the American economy. His new book, Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement, was published in April 2019.

Based on his vantage point as publisher and futurist for Forbes, Rich has the unique opportunity to spend time with some of the most powerful corporate and political figures around the globe. On stage, he shares his business outlook and how organizations can successfully navigate through a constantly shifting landscape impacted by technology, geopolitical/economic forces and tension, elections, disruption, labor shortages, and other forces currently in play or anticipated down the road.





Rich Karlgaard
Publisher & Futurist
Forbes Magazine 
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