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Breakout Sessions B, Day 2

Breakout Sessions Group B, Day 2

Friday, May 6th 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Breakout Session #1

Culture in the Current Context – Part 1

During a time of crisis, corporate culture can make or break an organization. In this presentation, Dr. Gustavo shares evidence of the financial success achieved by companies that focus on culture first. He then identifies the critical culture components – whether your employees are working in-person or remotely – to ensure employees are fully engaged and committed to your culture. Finally, he offers guidance on how to ensure your business culture can adapt to the current business context.
The current business context is proving to be a business extinction event for those businesses that cannot adapt to the current business environment. Sixty-five million years ago, there was a meteor strike on this planet that created the extinction of the dinosaurs… most of them. Birds, lizards, and frogs are all forms of dinosaurs that existed 65 million years ago. The ones we have with us today, are the ones that could adapt to the changing environment – the changing context. The same is true of businesses today. Our businesses are living in an equivalent time to the T-Rex. Our businesses must adapt or die.
The presentation is data based, science driven, and continuously refined and updated because of the dynamic nature of the current crisis.

Value to Participants:
• Understanding the fundamentals of how and why culture drives financial performance
• Identify and apply a critical culture component to ensure success in the current business context
• Receive concrete tactical steps on how to apply that cultural component
• Identify and discuss four components of the current business context that will be influencing our culture for the foreseeable future and guidance on how to adapt your culture to that context





Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky
Speaker, Author, Consultant,
and Psychologist
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Breakout Session #2

Critical Due Diligence Issues

Discussion Topics:

I. Motor Carrier Surface Freight Transportation Issues that directly impact Factors and effect on Invoice Collections, including Interline Arrangements and Freight Broker Accessorial and Cash Advance Deductions to Motor Carriers. 

II. Unique Issues Pertaining to Factoring Accounts Owing By Agencies of the Federal Government including Unanticipated Deductions, Set Offs and Recoupment Issues that may be taken by Agencies and Dealing with Agencies not Governed by Federal Assignment of Claim Act.

III. The Sale of Participation Interests and Required Compliance with Comptroller of Currency Banking Circular’s Requirements Pertaining to Unsafe or Unsound Banking Practices.

IV. Novel Issues to Consider (and Watch Out For) When Getting Financing and How Appropriate Contract Provisions May Protect You Against the Loss of Your Valuable Software Platform.


Jared Ullman, Esq.
Ullman & Ullman
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Mike Ullman, Esq.
Owner, Partner
Ullman & Ullman
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Breakout Session #3

The Future is Here: Fintech
Some of the topics will include the following:

Evolution of Fintech
How does Fintech apply to the Factoring world?
How can Factoring companies become more agile?
How do Big Techs become Fintechs? 
  How digital online banking affects the Factoring Industry
Decentralization of Finance: Blockchain
Neo banking
AI applied to Factoring 
Open Banking and sharing of data
Regulations and compliance for Fintechs


Oscar Rombola - Moderator
Managing Director
eCapital Freight Factoring
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Rael Ross
Co-Founder, Joint CEO & Executive Director
Butn Ltd, Australia
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Steven Uster
Co-Founder & CEO
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Breakout Session #4

Operations Roundtable
This forum is an opportunity for those in operations to learn by discussing relevant issues with others performing similar duties.


Leslye Campos
VP, Operations
ENGS Commercial Capital

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Melissa Free, MBA, CAEF
VP, Operations
Triumph Business Capital
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Haversine Funding

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