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Breakout Sessions B, Day 1

Breakout Sessions Group B, Day 1

Thursday, May 5th 3:30 pm — 4:30 pm

Breakout Session #1

Navigating Employee Acquisition and Retention in an Uncertain Environment
Employment issues have become a common occurrence for many companies since the start of COVID.  With competition at an all-time high in the market for employees, companies must figure out ways to entice new recruits while preserving their current staff. Our panelists will address the issues that are driving turnover and discuss different methods to hire and retain top level employees. Some topics covered will be:
• Hiring and retention trends for 2022
• How to retain and hire top talent
• Recruiting and retention strategies
• Employee retention and hiring
• Finding and retaining quality employees
• Strategic recruiting and retention planning
• Challenges in attracting and retaining top talent
• New Baselines for attracting and retaining talent



Janice Fox, SHRM-CP, PHR
Senior Vice President of HR
Triumph Business Capital
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Trey Griggs
Sales Executive
Lean Solutions Group

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Tim Knight
Vice President
ThinkingAhead, Inc.
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Meg Roberson - Moderator
Senior VP & National Sales Manager
Gulf Coast Business Credit
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Breakout Session #2

Roundtable for Senior Executives
This high level gathering provides a platform for senior executives to share best practices and discuss the challenges that often come with being top decision makers.  Senior Executives will discuss several key issues and topics while expanding their networking circle.



Ryan Jaskiewicz
12Five Capital
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Robert E Meyers II
Founder & President
Republic Business Credit
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First Horizon

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Breakout Session #3

Roundtable for Young Pros
This valuable networking opportunity will provide a forum for young professionals under 40 years of age who are early in their careers to discuss valuable ways to learn and share from others in similar positions.  Young professionals face unique challenges on the road to success and this gathering provides an ideal atmosphere to discuss and exchange experiences.



Nick Bird
VP - Risk Management Officer
FirstLine Funding Group
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Jim Cretella, Esq.
Otterbourg, P.C.
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Essa Thiry
SVP, Business Development
Change Capital
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Otterbourg, P.C.

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Breakout Session #4

Credit & Collections: The Impact of Covid in the Past and in the Future

How has Covid impacted collections over the last two years?
How will Covid impact collections over the next two years?
What motivates debtors to pay what is due in good times and in bad?
What can factors/finance companies do to increase possibilities of collections?
Do notifications and verifications aid collection success?
Does your factoring/finance agreement protect your company in the event collections are necessary?
Should a third party collections firm be used to aid in collection efforts?
Should litigation be initiated during these difficult Covid times?
What are some collection strategies that can factors can use to reduce bad debt write-offs?
How has Covid affected credit rating information?
Is Credit information reliable – what other sources are available other than the traditional avenues?
Utilizing Public information, credit insurers, bond yields, “Put” Options and obtaining financial information under an NDA
Don’t get a false sense of security with credit insurance
How to get comfortable with concentrated debtors and a lack of credit info
Case studies on collections and credit issues / successes during Covid


Emma Hart
EVP of Operations and Senior Credit Officer
Sallyport Commercial Finance, LLC
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Brad Magill, Esq.
Managing Lawyer
The Collection Law Group
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