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Factoring Operations Manual

The factoring business is about credit risks, and making money or not is all about how you manage those risks by utilizing policies and procedures that are designed to keep you out of trouble. FactorHelp’s Factoring Operations Manual is the only commercially available policies and procedures guide that gives you step-by-step details on how to operate your factoring business - from new business write-ups to portfolio monitoring to problem transactions - and everything in between. This factoring information resource provides best practices developed by industry practitioners complete with legal documentation. You need a system for managing the important aspects of your factoring business. That's what this factoring operations guide gives you.

Some of the topics covered in the FactorHelp Operations Manual include:
•How to write-up and analyze new business.
•How to use "early warning signs" to track portfolio risk.
•The seven critical elements in proposal letters to prevent severe consequences.
•How to handle and resolve duplicate purchase orders.
•How to filter out ineligible receivables.
•What to do every night at midnight.
•The six most important risk categories.
•Procedures that explain how to use our most important credit analysis tool for over-advances. Your account executive can immediately be up-to-speed and productive after reading this!
•How to set up an electronic interface with clients to make your job easier.
•Examples of how to craft the right legal forms and give your support staff the right training.
•The single best customer service program (it's not what you think).
•Why you need to obtain a weekly report from the client database and how to use it effectively.
•Tricks to use with a portfolio management program.
•How to manage the flow of documentation so that more transactions can be processed with less risk.
•How to set up a monitoring program to save time and money.
•The seven deadly underwriting techniques used by factors.
•How to handle and avoid (with rare exceptions) collection problems.
•How to organize and manage accounts receivable verifications.
•What to do every day to lower and/or prevent fraud that can land you on the dreaded terminated lender list.
•The importance of a daily cash flow report. What it contains to give management an overview of the business.
•The system for handling bankruptcy problems.
•How to manage loss exposure in deteriorating situations.

Written by: Debra Wilson. Complete legal documentation provided by Michael Ullman, Esq.

You will receive:
Our Factoring Operations Manual in Microsoft Word® document format on a flash drive so that you can customize the manual to fit the particulars of your company.
A flash drive that has all of the forms for ease of downloading when you need them. You will be granted an unrestricted license for your entire company, which allows you to edit, print and reproduce any portion of the package for use within your company. You may not resell any portion of this package to another person or company. The Factoring Operations Manual is copyrighted and sold to end-users only.

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