The International Factoring Association's (IFA) goal is to assist the Factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and a resource for the Factoring community.

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Welcome to the International Factoring Association!

This web site is password protected for the privacy of our members. The web site contains the following sections:

Upcoming Events
Learn about upcoming educational meetings, conference calls and our annual Factoring Conference in the Spring of each year. Also included in this section are relevant courses and conferences for the Factoring Industry.
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Membership Directory
This area lists all IFA members and includes their company information, specialties, and links to their web sites. The database is searchable by Category, State/Province, Country, and Keyword. This will allow you to search for Factors in a specific industry or areas of the country.
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Factor Search
This area is designed to let businesses that are seeking a factoring firm to e-mail specifics regarding their business to the factors. Only those factors that meet the business search criteria will be notified.
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IFA Member Services

This section lists vendors of interest to the Factoring industry, including attorneys, UCC search firms, funding sources, and many more. The Vendor area is also searchable by Category, State/Province, Country, and Keyword. In addition to providing a list of qualified Vendors, you will also see IFA Endorsed Vendors. These Vendors will offer discounts or preferred services to IFA members.
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The quarterly IFA Magazzine, along with back issues will be posted here. IFA Members with e-mail addresses will receive the quarterly Magazine.
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Transportation Intermediary Survey
The IFA recently conducted a survey of Transportation Intermediaries with the goal of improving communication between the two parties. The results of the survey should assist in resolving difficulties faster, with the goal of saving time and money.
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Transportation Intermediary Contact Information

For more information, please contact info@factoring.org

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